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Whatever your pest problem, local knowledge and experience counts. With three decades of pest control experience Mann’s Pest Control has experienced every pest problem Canberra has to offer – spider problems, giant wasp nests, rodent infestations and more. We also offer a full range of termite services, check out our termite inspection and termite treatment pages.

Whether you need a rapid response to deal with a current pest infestation or you want ongoing pest protection for your home, we offer a complete range of pest control services to meet your immediate and year-round needs.

Our complete general pest control treatment

Most of our customers request our general pest control treatment

Pests targeted: Spiders, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Slaters, Earwigs, Clothes Moth, Ants
Warranty: Six months
Areas treated: Internal rooms, roof void, sub-floor, building perimeter, garage, yard (including sheds and fences)
Products: Sprays, powders (roof void), cockroach gels (kitchen) and professional aerosols (wardrobes and cupboards)

If we find a major infestation of a particular pest on arrival (e.g. ants), we may need to apply an additional specialised treatment for that particular pest, which may incur an additional charge.

Save money with a joint pest control treatment and termite inspection

Take the opportunity to save money. Have an annual termite treatment carried out at the same time as a pest control treatment.

How do we carry out a general pest control treatment?

The first step is to ask you about any particular pest problems or concerns you have, before we inspect the property to determine the nature of the pest problem. Our inspections include a full risk assessment. Assessing risk is an important way to address any safety or environmental issues.

We may use pest control sprays on the exterior of the house and inside if necessary, apply powders in the roof voids and sub-floor (if present) and gels in the kitchen for cockroaches.

When we finish we’ll provide you with a treatment advice which lists the products used and let you know if there are any actions you should take to minimise pest problems in the future.

Are our pest control products and treatments safe?

We can assure you that all our products are safe to use in and around your home. Before we carry out pest control work, we’ll tell you about the products we recommend. This lets you know what we’ll be doing during the service. It also allows you the opportunity to ask questions about our pest control services and treatments.

All our products are safe for use around homes and pets, but when we carry out the treatment your family and pets will need to be kept out of the treatment areas, and cannot return until the treatment is dry. In most cases, we can provide you with a faster service, if you choose to vacate the premises.

Customers appreciate our openness. We aim to create a relationship based on trust. This way you can be sure you’ve appointed the right people for the job.

How long does a general pest treatment take?

The length of the treatment will depend on the size and construction of the home and the level of the pest infestation. For a standard 3-4 bedroom home, a general pest treatment should take 1-1.5 hours to carry out a comprehensive treatment.  

Spraying the external

Treating vents and weepholes

Specialist Pest Control Treatments

Pest: Wasps
Warranty: We guarantee elimination of nests
Areas treated: Under guttering, doors, windows
Products: Sprays and powders
Info: European Wasps are a specific issue in the local area. They are a very aggressive insect and should only be dealt with by a professional. Nest are quite large, normally the size of a soccer ball with around 3,000 wasps. Normally they die off each winter, but sometimes they grow year on year into a super nest of 10,000 individuals or more.

Pest: Ants
Warranty: Six months
Areas treated: Indoors, outdoors and in the lawn, depending on the location of nests and customer requirements.
Products: Liquid sprays and gel baits
Info: Effective control of ants depends on understanding their nesting and foraging habits. To provide lasting control its vital to kill the queen(s) in the nest to eliminate the colony. Often this requires a combination of products. Control may take time, depending on the level of infestation and number of nests. Experience is key to gaining quick control of ant infestations. We provide treatments to deal with ant problems inside the home, outside the home, in pavers and in the lawn.

Pest: Cockroaches
Warranty: Three months
Areas treated: Indoors – kitchens, laundry rooms, cupboards
Products: Baits and sprays
Info: Larger cockroach species live outside, entering homes by accident or looking for food or water. They are relatively easy to control. The smaller (German) cockroach lives in interior walls and often found behind stoves, sinks, refrigerators, and water heaters. The German cockroach is a lot harder to control. We use a combination of products to get control. A large infestation may need more than one visit.

Pest: Spiders
Warranty: Six months
Areas treated: Under guttering, doors, windows
Products: Sprays
Info: Our treatments target web-building spiders such as the redback and black house spider. Our treatment will not only kill any spiders present but will prevent the building of new webs. Our comprehensive treatment will reduce other insects (potential spider food), making your home far less attractive to hunting spiders such as white-tailed and huntsman.

Adult Flea image

Flea control treatments

Pest: Fleas
Warranty: Three months
Areas treated: Comprehensive treatment inside and outside the home, especially any areas where the pets have been resting.
Products: Sprays
Info: Fleas thrive in warm, humid conditions and are often a pest during summer. Most bites occur around the ankles and lower legs. Bites may occur indoors or outdoors.

Pest: Rodents
Warranty: Three months for a standard rodent treatment.
Areas treated: Roof void, sub-floor
Products: Baits
Info: Rats and mice enter buildings seeking food and warmth (common in winter months). We carry out an inspection to determine the species present, where they’re nesting and where they’re getting in. This will allow us to determine the quantity and placement of bait needed. We always use lockable bait stations for safety, which remain the property of the homeowner after the treatment. A major infestation may need more than one visit.

Top tips to keep your home pest-free?

Commercial pest control for businesses in Canberra, Queanbeyan and beyond

As well as providing one-off or monthly pest treatments, we offer six-month and quarterly maintenance programmes. We work with a wide range of businesses and organisations, such as:

  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Food industry
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Retirement homes
  • Farms and rural

To protect your good name and service, we provide comprehensive pest service reports. This makes sure your business or organisation remains in compliance with relevant legislation.

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