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Specialist spider control – Canberra and surrounds

When it comes to pest control, spiders are the top pest that people want gone – fast!

While many species of spider are harmless to people, some have quite painful bites, which can be serious for children and pets. So it’s understandable to want to get a spider infestation under control quickly. No one likes that creeping feeling!

Whether it’s indoor spider control or outdoor spider control you’re needing, Mann’s Pest Control guarantees to banish spiders from your property, leaving you free to enjoy your home without worry.

Professional spider treatments

The first job for our team is to inspect the property to determine which species of spider are present. Spiders have different habits – some build webs, some are ‘running’ spiders without webs, and all have different preferences about where they like to take shelter.

The best way to kill spiders is using a specialist spider spray. When spraying for spiders, we will target the places where spiders are typically located, such as in the eaves, around doorways and windows, around other entry points and in the sub-floor. The back yard is a key area, with play equipment, sheds, fences and clothes lines being common hiding/web-building spots.

When spraying for spiders indoors, we will focus on walls, ceilings and skirtings, paying particular attention to potential entry points. If there is a need to treat subfloors and roof voids, a specialist insecticide dust will be used to ensure the treatment reaches all cracks and crevices.

After having your house sprayed for spiders, it is important to leave any visible webs in place for 2-3 days to allow for spiders to return and pick up a lethal dose of the insecticide. They can then be removed with a broom (not with water, which will wash away the treatment).

Our spider treatments

The best pesticide for spiders is one that is professional-grade with an excellent safety record. When spraying for spiders, the spray leaves residual insecticide on the surface of treated areas that the spiders cannot detect. When the spiders crawl across the surface, they pick up the insecticide and die shortly afterwards.  

When spraying outside, we can create a protective zone around the property using a repellent spray, which will deter spiders from entering.

Our treatments are designed to kill any spiders present and will offer ongoing protection to ensure your property is free of spiders and their webs for several months.

Warranty: We provide a 6 month warranty on spider treatments.

(You will also get protection from web-building spiders if you have our comprehensive pest control treatment).

Types of spiders in ACT/NSW

In Canberra and the surrounding areas, the most common smaller spiders are the redback, black house spider and white-tail spider. Bigger spiders include the huntsman, garden orb spiders, wolf spiders and the funnel web.

Redback spider

Black house spider

White-tailed spider

Top tips to prevent a spider problem...

Living in Australia means learning to live with the occasional spider. However, there are a few things you can do to make your home less inviting.

Here are our top 5 tips for keeping spiders out:

  • Running spiders such as the huntsman and white-tailed spider seek refuse under logs and tree bark. If they find their way indoors, a pile of clothes on the floor or a pair of shoes are similar, cool, dark places to take shelter. Keeping clothes and shoes off the floor will greatly reduce potential spider hiding places.
  • Web-building spiders such as redbacks are often found in piles of wood or items stored around the house. Move them further away from the house, such as inside a garage.
  • Woodchips, mulch and leafy garden beds are spider hotspots. Ensure there is space between the house and garden beds.
  • Consider installing insect screens in doorways and windows to create a physical barrier. If you have screens already, check for holes and gaps and fix as necessary.
  • Garden spiders will build webs in bushes and shrubs, so remove or them trim back if close to the perimeter of the home or adjacent to paths and driveways.

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