Termite emergency?

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Termite Control for Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounds

If you’ve seen or suspect termites in your home or business…don’t panic! Just call us and we’ll advise you over the phone. We understand that finding termites can be incredibly stressful. Mann’s Pest Control has been supporting families and businesses by eliminating termites for 30 years.

Home insurance doesn’t cover you for termite damage!

Termites attacking your home or business is more likely than fire, flood and natural disaster combined. You can protect your most valued asset with a termite management system from Mann’s Pest Control.

A termite management plan includes regular (annual) termite inspections and the installation of a termite management system around the property (termite treatment). 

Regular termite inspections are still important even with a termite management system in place, as they check to make sure the protection measures are still in place and that there are no conditions / construction issues that could allow termite entry, which need to be fixed, such as drainage problems or leaks.

For your complete peace of mind, Mann’s Pest Control recommends customers install a termite management system. For a FREE quote, just call (02) 6299 7980 today.

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