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A termite attack can turn in to an expensive nightmare. Our aim is to solve your problem fast.

If you know your home is under termite attack, or you just suspect termite activity, Mann’s Pest Control is here to help you. In our thirty-year experience, we’ve supported many local property owners through these stressful times.

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Free termite treatment quote at your property

You want the most accurate quote possible. To provide this, we’ll need to visit your home or business and inspect your property. Once we understand the situation, we can make proper recommendations and give you exact costs to do the work. Visiting your property will identify:

  • nature of termite attack
  • termite species present
  • termite entry points
  • scale of infestation
  • amount of damage
  • property construction
  • environmental factors that caused the attack

With this information we can provide you with options and prices. You’ll be able to ask questions during the visit.

If you decide to go ahead, we follow a robust five step treatment process

Mann’s Pest Control: Five-step termite treatment process

  1. Termite inspection: Even if we’ve been on site to check your property and provide a quote, a formal termite inspection needs to follow the Australian Standard (3660.2000) prior to starting a treatment. This confirms the presence of termites, property entry points, areas of activity, level of damage, causes of attack and the size of the problem. Establishing a complete picture at the start means we can confirm control at the end of the treatment.
  2. Termite treatment proposal: After the inspection you’ll receive a treatment proposal with treatment options. We’ll outline the pros and cons of each option. We may already have provided a quote before completing a formal termite inspection. But on completion of the formal termite inspection we’ll confirm/change the quote/proposal depending on our findings.
  3. Termite treatment: We always try and find and destroy the nest, but this can be difficult as they’re normally hidden underground or in trees. We also eliminate the active termites from the building, using termite baiting systems, termite dusting treatments and chemical barriers applied to active areas. Where possible, we prefer the effectiveness of a baiting system. We recommend the Exterra Baiting System.

    It can take a couple of weeks to several months to eliminate active termites from your property. The time to eradicate termites depends on the product options we recommend/you choose.

  1. Confirmed termite control: Following Australian Standards 3660.2000 we will assess the property to confirm control and the elimination of active termites from the property.
  2. Installing a termite management system: Eliminating termites doesn’t mean that they won’t return. That’s why we recommend our customers install a termite management system – either a termite soil treatment around the property or a termite monitoring and baiting system around the building perimeter.

We employ qualified expert technicians, insured to carry out termite treatments that deliver results for you and your property.

Lasting protection with termite treatments from Mann’s Pest Control

To provide you with ongoing peace of mind, there are two systems that provide lasting protection for your home from termites.

  1. Termite soil treatment: This means chemically treating the soil around and under your property. This creates a treated zone around your property.
  2. Termite monitoring and baiting system: A monitoring system placed in the ground around your home detects and intercepts termites before they enter your home. If we spot termites in the monitoring station, we add termite bait. Termites take this back to the nest which kills the colony. This can take time, but it’s the best way to kill a termite colony.

Which is better a termite soil treatment or a termite baiting system?

In most cases we recommend a termite monitoring and baiting system over a soil treatment because it’s:

  • Safer
  • Better for the environment
  • Suitable for most construction types
  • Suitable for most soil types
  • Soil movement and flooding have no impact

We use Exterra, the world's No. 1 termite monitoring and baiting system

What are the costs of a termite treatment?

Termite service costs in Canberra, Bungendore and Queanbeyan can vary a great deal. You need to get an exact cost before the job starts. Therefore, we don’t offer quotes over the phone. Termite treatment costs depend on:

  • Size and construction type of the property.
  • Soil type and number of concrete/pavers around the building
  • Gradient of land
  • Drainage and landscaping issues
  • Degree of termite infestation
  • Termite species

Every property is different. Experienced technicians will provide you with an accurate quote. They can assess all the factors that determine the scale of the problem, termite treatment options and costs.

We’re more than happy to visit your property and provide you with a FREE quote, just call (02) 6299 7980 today.

Warning – inexperienced and unqualified ‘cowboys’ operate in the local area. Please ask to see their licenses and insurance for termite work. The cheapest quote may not protect your home and family. Choose a termite professional you can trust. Mann’s Pest Control has 30 years’ experience and is a growing local business. We offer best value termite treatments.

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