Cockroach Control
Canberra & Surrounding NSW

No one likes cockroaches in their home – they are disgusting and dirty, and it can be a bit embarrassing if they appear when you have visitors!

With cockroaches known to carry a wide range of diseases, it’s important to get on top of a cockroach problem fast!

At Manns Pest Control we use a range of specialist cockroach products to guarantee the elimination of your cockroach problem.

Professional Cockroach Treatments

Our general pest treatment includes cockroach protection and comes with a 6 month warranty. It is designed to take care of the occasional cockroach and prevent an infestation developing.

However, if you are suffering from a cockroach infestation, then it will be necessary to have a specialist cockroach treatment. This is especially the case for German cockroaches – the small cockroaches that live inside.

Before we carry out any treatment we carry out an inspection to determine the species present, the location of the problem and the potential causes.

Large cockroach treatments

Our large cockroach treatments typically involve spraying outdoor areas and garbage bins, with the use of dusts and sprays in the roof void and sub-floor. Baits and sprays will be used indoors as required.

Warranty: We provide a 6 month warranty on large cockroach treatments.

Small cockroach (German cockroach) treatments

Our German cockroach treatments typically use cockroach baits in the areas of infestations (normally the kitchen and laundry areas), with specialised sprays and powders for spot treatments where we cannot use baits.

German cockroach treatments may involve more than one visit.

Warranty: We only provide a 3 month warranty on German cockroach treatments, as we cannot prevent cockroaches being re-introduced in packaging material (a common route of entry).

Types of cockroaches

Australian cockroach

German cockroach

Top tips to prevent a cockroach problem...

Maintain good hygiene and eliminate food sources

  • Clear up any spilled food
  • Clean down and under the oven / fridge regularly
  • Do not leave unwashed dishes out overnight
  • Put rubbish into sealed bins and stack away from the house
  • Do not leave pet food bowls out with food in or unwashed
  • Food should be stored in tight “cockroach proof” containers

Fix any leaking taps / pipework (cockroaches love moisture)

Stop cockroaches entering the building

Fill any cracks in the floors, walls and around pipework, and make sure insects screens are well fitted.

Check any incoming packaging material, especially cardboard boxes, for cockroaches and their egg cases. 

Clear up the area around and under your home

Keep garden beds around the perimeter of your home trimmed back and tidy.

Store wood piles and other items away from the building.

Avoid storing goods under the home or in the roof void, especially in cardboard boxes ­­­–  cockroaches love cardboard boxes!

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More cockroach information...

Large cockroaches, such American and Australian cockroaches, generally live outside and around the perimeter of buildings. These cockroaches can grow up to 5 cm long – they’re the one that can fly in warmer weather!

The general treatments strategy for large cockroaches is to treat outdoor areas and stop them coming into the building.

Small cockroaches, such as the German cockroach and brown banded cockroaches, live exclusively indoors. The adults are only 1.5cm long and the young (nymphs) can be as small as 3 mm. This is why a large number of cockroaches can live in a very small space.

For small cockroaches, it is important to achieve complete elimination otherwise the population will recover and the problem will return. Detail inspections and targeted treatments are vital for success.

Cockroaches are known to carry a range of diseases that cause stomach upsets, such as Salmonella, E. coli and dysentery, which they pick up as they crawl around drains, sewers and garbage. When they crawl across food preparation surfaces, they can transfer these  diseases to us.

Research has shown that the shed skins and droppings of cockroaches are very high in allergens. In fact, cockroaches are one of the main causes of childhood asthma in inner city apartment blocks.