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Termite baiting treatments

We recommend termite monitoring and baiting systems as the preferred way to protect your home. They’re…

  • Safer
  • Better for the environment
  • Suitable for most construction types
  • Suitable for most soil types
  • Soil movement and flooding have no impact

… and Exterra is the world’s No.1 termite monitoring and baiting system.

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How does Exterra work?

  • Monitoring stations in the ground – Buildings and termite hot spots on your property (e.g. tree stumps, garden beds, etc) will have bait stations placed in the ground around them. Using patented technology, Exterra creates an ‘interception zone’ around your property.
  • Termite attack bait stations – Each station holds an attractive wood (eucalypt timber) that termites prefer, according to independent studies. Before getting to your home, termites attack the monitoring stations.
  • Regular inspections – We inspect monitoring stations every two months or so. During a regular inspection, our experienced technician will detect whether termites are present in the monitoring stations.
  • Add bait to the stations – If we detect termites, an attractive bait with insecticide is added to the monitoring station.
  • Killing the termite colony – The bait is slow acting. Termites cannot detect its presence, take it back the colony and feed it to all the other termites including the young and queen. It kills the termites when they shed their cuticle (skin), so it can take between 4-12 weeks to eliminate the colony.
  • Termite colony control – Recognised as the best way to eliminate termite colonies, with baiting you don’t need to find the nest. Eliminating the colony rather than just killing the termites you see, is the best way to reduce termite pressure on your property.
  • Bait stations in the home – If your home is already under termite attack, you can use the Exterra system inside your property. We can install safe, sealed stations on active sites in the home, and the termites feed on the bait, killing the colony.

What are the benefits of using an Exterra termite baiting system?

  • Safer for children and pets – the baits we use are non-toxic.
  • Better for the environment – no harmful chemicals go in to the soil.
  • Weather protected – excess rain or soil movement does not affect a baiting system. Chemical treatments can become diluted or washed away.

What are the benefits of using an Exterra termite baiting system?

Exterra is protecting over 100,000 homes across Australia. It includes some of our most highly valued national properties. Exterra is a global success. But, don’t just take our word for it, here’s a list of their international customers.

Protect your property from future termite attack with an Exterra termite monitoring system from Mann’s Pest Control.

We are an authorised Exterra operator. This means we’ve undergone in-depth training and continue to take part in on-going professional development as part of the EXTERRA quality care programme.

Protect against termites all year round by maintaining your EXTERRA monitoring system.

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