Worried your property has termites?

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Termite Inspections and Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounds

For active termites…

  • Don’t touch them
  • Don’t spray them
  • Don’t touch suspicious areas
  • Don’t break open wood
  • Don’t touch mud tubes

…this will disturb them and make them more difficult to control.

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Mann’s Pest Control offer two types of termite inspection:

Mann’s Pest Control has the experience, termite knowledge and technology to provide comprehensive termite inspections and give you that important peace of mind.

Standard termite inspection

This inspection focuses on inspecting for termite activity, signs of termite damage and conditions around your property that make it more attractive to termites.

If your property has termites this is the vital first step before deciding on the right treatment. It will determine the species present, termite entry points, areas of activity, and level of damage.

How is a termite inspection carried out?

The areas we inspect:

  • Your yard (trees, fencing, landscaping) up to 30m from the building
  • Any garages or outbuildings
  • The exterior of the building
  • Room by room indoor inspection
  • Inspection of roof voids and sub-floors (if present)

It’s important to realise a termite inspection is a visual inspection. If we can’t access an area, we can’t inspect it. We don’t have permission to move items.

We won’t damage or pull apart walls to have a look. If we recommend an invasive inspection, we’ll get your written permission first. However, we’ve some great equipment to help us figure out what’s happening behind your walls.

  • We use a moisture meter to detect leaks or areas of moisture behind walls (which could be a sign of termite activity).
  • In all areas of concern, we can detect termite activity and movement behind walls using the latest termite detection technology (a termite detection radar and a remote thermal sensor)
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What do I get from a termite inspection?

  • We’ll discuss with you the findings of the investigation.
  • We’ll outline your options for treating the termites (if present).
  • We’ll recommend how best to protect your property and make it less attractive to termites.
  • You’ll get a comprehensive 20+ page written report with photographs and recommendations.
Using Termatrac to detect termites behind wall

My property doesn't have termites, why do I need a termite inspection?

Australian Standards, state governments and building authorities recommend that all structures have a termite inspection carried out at least once a year – more often in areas of high termite activity. Classed as an area of moderate termite risk, you’d be wise to consider a termite inspection if you live in Canberra, Queanbeyan and the surrounding suburbs.

What makes Mann’s Pest Control termite inspections the best in Canberra?

You must know what you’re looking for. Our technicians have 30 years-experience of working with local termite species and carrying out professional termite inspections.

Inspections include a thorough examination of your buildings and property to Australian Standards (AS 3660.2-2000). A thorough termite inspection can take up to two hours depending on the size of the property.

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Check out our termite treatments to learn more about termite protection for your property.

Pre-purchase timber inspection

This is the type of inspection you should always have before you buy a property. Not only does this inspection check for termites and their damage, it also inspects for signs of borer, borer damage and wood decay. Any activity, damage, or conditions conducive to timber pest attack is vital information in making a purchase decision and negotiating a price.

Buying a new home? Does it come with a termite timebomb?

When buying a home and parting with hundreds of thousands of your hard-earned dollars, you want to make sure you’re making a sound investment.

Pre-purchase pest inspections follow strict Australian Standards AS 4349.3-2010. A one/two-hour inspection should take place before the purchase, during the cooling off period or before your auction bid. We work independently of real-estate agents, so you know we’re working in your best interests.

If possible, we recommend you attend site during the inspection, so we can highlight and discuss any existing or potential issues. A pre-purchase inspection is only a visual inspection. We can’t move items or drill walls. Some sellers might try to conceal termite activity. If we suspect this, we’ll point this out and recommend a course of action.

Following an inspection, we’ll provide a detailed inspection report. You’ll then need to determine the costs for treating the pests, remedying any damage and future pest prevention. Once you have this information it can form part of your buying negotiations.

For the cost of a few hundred dollars, don’t skip your pest inspection. It can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. For a FREE quote call Mann’s Pest Control on (02) 6299 7980 today.

Do Australian territories have different rules?

Yes. In the ACT, the seller must get the pest inspection. In NSW it’s the buyer’s responsibility.

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