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Ants can be really annoying. No matter what you do, they keep coming back!

Eliminating an ant problem takes expertise and specialist products – unless you kill the queen, the nest will recover and the problem will return.

Whether it’s ants invading your home, making a mess of pavers or infesting your lawn, Manns Pest Control have the solutions to eliminate the nests and provide lasting control.

Professional Ant Treatments

Although our general pest control treatment is designed to keep ants out of the house for up to 6 months, if you have a serious and problem you need a specialised ant treatment.

We have a range of specialist ant treatments depending on the nature of the ant infestation and the species present.

All of our treatments are designed to eliminate the source of the problem by killing the nest.

Although we often use a combination of products to get the best results, ant baits are the key products to eliminate the colony.

Ant baits consist of an attractive food matrix and slow acting insecticide. Ants feed on the bait, taking it back to the nest where it is fed to the queen and other nest mates. It can take several days to kill the whole colony.

Indoor ant treatments

Our indoor ant treatments are designed for ants that are nest inside the building (in the wall void or roof cavity) or are coming in from outside.

We will use a combination of baits and dusts inside and use sprays around the external perimeter to prevent ants entering.

Warranty: 6 months on internal ant treatments

Outdoor ant / lawn ant treatments

Outdoor ant problems tend to be either an infestation on hard surfaces such as pavers or a problem with lawn ants.

For ant problems in pavers we will use a combination of baits and sprays. This will eliminate the ants present and prevent them digging up dirt between the pavers.

For lawn ants we more commonly use bait products. It can take 1-2 weeks for the nests to be eliminated.

For some species of outdoor ants it may be necessary to have regular ant treatments as ants from neighbouring properties will start to re-invade treated areas after a period of time.

Warranty: 6 months on external and lawn ant treatments

Treating indoor ants with gel bait

Coastal brown ants digging up pavers

Top tips to prevent an ant problem...

Ants sometimes come inside to escape the weather (rain or heat), to look for a new place to nest or to find food.

To reduce the chances of ants coming inside to look for food, here are our top 6 tips:

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